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  • You find the idea of priesthood or brotherhood appealing or compelling
  • You are attracted to the ministry (or work) that priests and brothers do
  • You encounter Jesus in prayer, on retreats, in the Church
  • You possess a spirit of service and sacrifice
  • You enjoy discussing or defending the faith
  • You experience feelings of joy and peace when you think about serving Christ as a brother or priest.
  • The thought of being a priest or a brother is either frequently present or has persisted over time
  • The Church calls forth vocations - people have told you that you would make a good priest or brother.
If most or all of these apply to you then we invite you into discernment. Good discernment is both personal and communal. We recommend talking with a spiritual director or spiritual friends.


Fr. Mike Schmitz

Bishop Robert Barron

Fr. Casey Cole, OFM


Step 1: My Initial Motivations
  • Think about what you most desire in life. What is your goal? Why are you here? What is motivating your heart?
  • What do you feel God and other people are inviting you to consider doing with your life?
Step 2: Foster a relationship with God
  • Establish a regular life of prayer - and not just one in times of trouble. Celebrate the Sacraments as often as possible, especially Eucharist and Reconciliation.
Step 3: Talk to others
  • It’s important that you speak to others about your discernment. St. Francis de Sales teaches that God’s Will for us is often revealed through other people so ask those who you trust and who know you well.
Step 4: Gather evidence
  • List facts about yourself including your talents and goals, abilities and limitations. Prayer, your spiritual director, and friends can help you with this.
  • Gather facts about religious life. Learn more about priesthood and the Oblates. Visit our communities and apostolates, attend Associate and discernment events.
  • Consider participating in the Associate Summer Internship at Camp DeSales.
  • Finally, if you have a question, ask!
Step 5: Time
  • Be patient with yourself and with the Lord.
  • It can take time to discern your vocation - do not rush!
  • Peace is an important sign of a vocation. Let some time pass to see if these movements of peace are from you (in which case they will pass) or if they are from the Lord (in which case they persist, or go away and return again).
Step 6: Decision
  • Make the most generous, loving, and life-giving choice.
  • Choose what you sense is God’s Will as best as you can understand it.
Step 7: Confirmation
  • After making a decision, give some more time to prayer. See if peace remains.
  • There should be an abiding interior tranquility and satisfaction that you have made the best decision.
For assistance in your journey call or email the Vocation Directors (see “Contact” above).